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CYBERNEWS | Interview with John Bourscheid of Removaly


In an interview with Cybernews, John Bourscheid, Co-Founder of Removaly, discusses the importance of managing one’s digital footprint and the challenges of protecting personal information online.

Removaly is a service that helps users identify and remove their digital footprints, focusing on keeping personally identifiable information (PII) away from malicious actors. The company offers resources, free opt-out guides, vulnerability scanning, and a subscription model to assist individuals in maintaining their privacy.

Bourscheid emphasizes the need for individuals to be cautious when sharing personal information online and the importance of strong privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

JACKSONVILLE MAG | Backstory, Changing Perspective


Shooting photos looking down from the top of the Strand was on John Bourscheid’s bucket list, so to ring in his 30th borthday he climbed to the top of the high-rise. The apartment building is the second tallest residential building in Jacksonville, only being overtaken by its next-door neighbor The Peninsula. The two structures sit on the Southbank of the Riverwalk, with views of the St. Johns River and Downtown.

“There were a surprising number of people, myself included, who were not aware of the patterns that could be seen on the Riverwalk from above”, says Bourscheid. “It alludes a bit to a change of perspective leading to an improved point of view and appreciation for the world around.”

PR WEB | Removaly Launches its Platform to Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet


Removaly, co-founded by John Bourscheid, offered a personal information data removal platform designed to protect individuals and their loved ones from identity theft, cyberstalking, and other online threats. The platform provided free step-by-step opt-out instructions, as well as an automated service that continuously scanned and removed users’ private information from data broker databases and people search websites.

As a bootstrapped, US-based company with no external investors, Removaly prioritized customer interests and security, while offering a more affordable and robust opt-out service compared to competitors.