Hey, I’m John Bourscheid. I’m a multifaceted digital marketer and serial entrepreneur, currently living in Johnson City, Tennessee. I am the owner and president of Bourscheid, LLC.

In its most basic form, Bourscheid, LLC is a catchall company for web projects started, obtained, rehabilitated, and managed by me. These projects are mainly focused on buyer intent, travel and lifestyle, productivity and efficiency, and local services markets.

Below is a list of the current web properties managed by me.

  • Iceland In 8 Days: A travel site dedicated to traveling in and around Iceland.
  • Travel To Greece: A comprehensive travel site to the Greek Islands.
  • Hiking Washington: Finding and disseminating the best hikes in the state of Washington.
  • Effective Vacations: Traveling effectively to Universal and Disney properties in Florida and California.
  • Killer Urbex: The most comprehensive urban exploration resource online.
  • Beautiful Zion: Focused on traveling in and around Zion National Park in Utah.
  • Best Hotels in Las Vegas: Everything you need to know about the best Las Vegas hotels.
  • South Beach Hotels: Categorizing and comparing hotels in South Beach, Miami.
  • APT Seattle: An independent apartment finder resource for Seattle, Washington.
  • Park Tracker: An in-progress network for users to track visiting national parks.
  • Familoff: Running your personal financial life like a family office.
  • Bourscheid.me: A personal blog for musings, uncategorized articles, and more.
  • Gyldi: Determining which lifestyle products and services are effective purchases.
  • A Productive Mindset: A blog focused on more effective living.
  • Credit Card Churning: Traveling for free without changing anything about your life.
  • HENRY Tips: Tips for HENRYs (High Earner, Not Rich Yet)